I’m here to cheer you on!


With 13+ years of experience, I fell into freelance consulting when my network started coming to me for advice. Flattered and fueled by passion, I started from the bottom, leveraged my skills, and invested the time to build a client base.

My expertise ranges from:
+ Branding
+ Content writing or copy writing
+ Entrepreneurship
+ Design
+ Digital strategy
+ Digital marketing
+ Target ad and social media marketing
+ Websites

I fell in love with branding early on in my career. The #1 question I get is, “what is branding? Isn’t all marketing the same?” In short, the answer is, NO. I believe branding is more than just having a logo, website and social media channels. Think of branding like a film maker’s journey to making a movie, it’s all the pieces: the narrative, cinematography, sound, and lighting put together to create a story that your audience will buy into. THAT. IS. BRANDING.

While I’m here building my Jennpire, I’m here to help you with yours!

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